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album design

the idea

I rethought a few of the cover designs for some of my favorite music albums. These compositions are based on my interpretation of each of these 

albums, using photography and typographic elements.


Kintsugi is a process used to fix cracks in ceramics, by sealing fragments together with gold. This literal process is represented with ceramic fragments and gold.  Musically, the artist speaks about the separation and healing of certain relationships, so I chose to photograph two hands coming together in reference to "Creation of Man," using gold as a healing bond.

signs of light

This CD design is a play on the album title, and uses photography to play with light in a cohesive manner. I chose these images of actual light to consider the physical texture of light, and to bring a bright but intimate look to this album. 

our endless numbered days

To me, this album is an intimate depiction of what relationships throughout life can be. That would include natural aging and introspection. I chose to photograph a spider on its web in the leaves, counting threads like this artist was counting days, and using nature as its home. 

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