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a personal project

I created a museum exhibit to take place as a special exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Bokeh is the term for the blurred elements in the background of a photograph, so I chose that term as the name of this exhibit highlighting the history of photography, as Bokeh is behind the image, and the exhibit tells viewers what is behind the concept of photography.

ticket mockup 1.jpg

Bokeh's design is simple and colored primarily in black and white to reflect the nature of photography. Seen here are concepts for an outdoor poster advertisement and tickets into the exhibit. 


I chose a location in the Cincinnati Art Museum on the 2nd floor. Based on this location, I made a floor plan gallery map for easy navigation throughout the journey through which the exhibit will carry visitors. As seen on this map, the floor of the space will have a film strip on one end of the room, and binary on the other. As the museum-goer travels through the exhibit, the journey will cross from photo origins to the digital age, which is reflected in this choice of floor graphics.



The first feature a museum go-er will see when entering the exhibit is this touch screen photo album of influential photographers. The screen is intended to reflect the image of a polaroid photo. The screen will rotate on its own, or people can interact with it and swipe from artist to artist.


Asset 1.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 10.43.23

The brief history of photography as seen through the evolution of the camera is seen in this timeline wall. The wall uses the imagery of a film strip hanging to dry, with historical images as the content. Typographically simple captions accompany the imagery.


Asset 1.png

This wall aims to inform viewers on the basics of compositions, highlighting two main composition formulas as well as a selection of the principles of design.



Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 10.47.18
Asset 1.png
Asset 1.png

This wall graphic takes viewers through the basics of how the camera works, first with an illustration of the Camera Obscura, followed by an explanation of some of the key elements of photography with accompanying diagrams. Next, the grid of images highlights history's most impactful images. Each image is accompanied with a title and artist, and select images have accompanying paragraphs for explanation. 


Asset 1.png

This wall graphic brings a fun break to the exhibit, by simply mimicking the view of a camera on the end of the room. 


Asset 1.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 10.36.18

The social media wall displays an array of smart phones showing social media pages of photography. 



Outside of the exhibit is the introduction paragraph and the Bokeh logo, surrounding the entryway to welcome museum-goers into the space. Down the hall in the extra exhibit space is a small station to create your own pinhole camera. This wall graphic provides simple instructions to aid customers in the making of their projects.

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