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book layout

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the idea

I took text from a pre-existing book, (Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works by Erik Spierkermann) and laid it out in my own book format.  

I started by learning how to set type, and then used that knowledge to design a layout of my own.

Bad ffont2.jpg


This is what a page should definitely NOT look like! The font, size, kerning, and tracking all make this unreadable.

PT Serif2.jpg


Once it was clear how to make a text not readable, I was faced with the challenge of making one that was readable.  I had to make sure that the spacing felt right, that the word-count per line was okay, and that I was avoiding widows and orphans. (Stand alone words) I practiced with left justified alignment and left alignment.

Above are examples of the practices I did to learn this. I have provided one serif example and one sans serif example.

layout ideas.jpg
Book design.jpg
6x9 grid book design 3.jpg

laying it out

I started to take the text from the book and experiment different layout design that I could work with.

finding inspiration

I realized after having tried many different designs that I was not coming up with anything that I really liked.  I decided to take some time to do some research, and came back to the table with some inspiration.  After finding some examples that made me feel more excited about the project, I started again.  I decided that I liked boldness, color, and cuttoffs.


the final product

For the final product, I decided to make it bold and bright.  I incorporated elements that I found intriguing in the examples I took for inspiration, such as cutting off letters or enlarging certain elements.  I was much happier with my final design than I was with my earlier process work, because i personally found it much more fun not only to look at, but to make.

Click through the slides to see the book!

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