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a personal project

Asset 7_4x.png

I redesigned the Bible Memory app, to have a more modern, functional, and simple aesthetic.

Asset 18_4x.png
Asset 28_4x.png
Asset 24_4x.png
Asset 8_4x.png
Asset 21_4x.png

The current app feels outdated structurally and can be improved aesthetically to feel more modern, simple, and easy to navigate.

Asset 9_4x.png
Asset 23_4x.png
Asset 11_4x.png
Asset 19_4x.png
Asset 12_4x.png
Asset 13_4x.png
Asset 14_4x.png
Asset 25_4x.png
Asset 25_4x.png
Asset 15_4x.png
Asset 23_4x.png
Asset 16_4x.png
Asset 27_4x.png
Asset 17_4x.png
Asset 29_4x.png
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