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design squares

design squares.jpg

the idea

The Design Squares project is a study of the nine Principles of Design; Unity, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Balance, Proportion, Anomaly, Symmetry, Rhythm.

(pictured in order to the left)



Each student chose an everyday object to be the subject of the study.  My choice: nail clippers.  All of the designs are based off of elements ​that were observed in the clippers.


phase 1

In the first phase of the project, I drafted 144 1 by 1 inch squares, grouped into nine 4 by 4 squares of 16.  Each of the nine groups was assigned one of the elements of art.  Then I drew 16 studies based off of the nail clippers and illustrating whichever principle was being studied.


phase 2

Next, I drafted nine 3 by 3​ inch squares per principle.  In this phase, I chose 9 of the 16 designs sketched in Phase 1, and was able to simplify or elaborate on them when enlarging them. 


phase 3

In the next phase of the project, I chose one design for each of the principles, and created it 3-Dimensionally.  Each square was 6 by 6 inches, and crafted using black card stock.  By doing this, I was able to practice translating design ideas from 2D to 3D form.

slide show

phase 4

I then translated the 6 by 6 inch paper designs into digital format.  


Design Squares-01.jpg
Design Squares-07.jpg
Design Squares-02.jpg
Design Squares-04.jpg

slide show

Design Squares-05.jpg
Design Squares-06.jpg
Design Squares-09.jpg
Design Squares-08.jpg
Design Squares-03.jpg

the final product


For the final product, I chose my 3 favorite designs in both digital and physical form and presented them together so that viewers could compare and contrast the executions and more clearly see how creating a design in different dimensions can affect not only how you can design it, but how you view and interpret it as well.

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