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a personal project


Stardust is a candle brand for people who love outer space. Whether a professional astronomer or an avid stargazer, Stardust candles bring a sense of comfort and home to the excitement that is found in exploring the universe. Each candle design is based on an element of space, such as a planet or other feature. The elements were used as inspiration for creating the textures that make up each design. 

Stardust Materials.jpg
Stardust Materials2.jpg
Stardust Materials.jpg
Stardust Materials5.jpg
Stardust Materials2.jpg

All Candle Labels and Boxes

Stardust Materials5.jpg

Candle and Box

Stardust Materials4.jpg

Box Designs

Stardust Materials6.jpg

Box Top and Side

Stardust Materials10.jpg

Stardust Stickers


Scent Guidebook


Texture Explorations

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