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typographer poster


the idea

I created a mock poster for a presentation by Marshal McLuhan.

In my Typography 1 class, we were given a list of designers to choose from to write an essay about.  I chose McLuhan because I was interested in his theories on media. 

After writing the essay, I was asked to create a poster inspired by him that was "advertising" for a lecture of his.

the process

In order to get to my final product, I had to start at the bottom and work up to a full and colored composition.  First I wrote the essay, and then after condensing that into the information I wanted to be on the poster, I started drafting.

McLuhan Layout 1.jpg

step A

In the first step of the process, I had to create the typographical composition using no variations.  That means I had to use one font, one size, and one color.  I accomplished this by experimenting with rotation and spacing.


step B

In the second step, I was allowed to ​have variations of boldness.  I chose to bolden the border and McCluhan's quote to create a hierarchy and make the reader's eye draw to the quote first.

step C

In the third step, I was allowed to change font size.  In these variations, I chose to emphasize the subject of the event so that viewers would have a quick idea of the point and then proceed to read the body text. 


step D

In the final process step, I was able to experiment with transparency.  I started to manipulate spacing and cutting words off to simulate the anxiety that McCluhan was talking about.

Next, I began to experiment with adding color.  


the final product

In my final product, I chose to simulate the anxiety that is paired with an overwhelming consumption of media.  I chose red as the main color because red is a color often associated with anxiety.  I cut words off and manipulated spacing to show the jumble and loss of information when so much of it is being consumed.

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