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a  personal  project

the idea

I've been in search of a new tea brand, so I considered what it may be like to just make my own. I wanted something fun and creative, but still elegant and delicious like tea is supposed to be. I decided to merge my two interests of tea and design, and make "Typogratea." I developed a collection of branded materials, including packaging, logos, branded colors, a web home page, and an advertisement. 

The typogratea logo is reminiscent of the diagram of type anatomy that a designer will often see when studying typography. 

All Flavors Tins.jpg

Tin can containers for two of Typogratea's collections; The Glyph Collection, with titles such as &, *, and !, and the Type Terms collection, with options like Serif, Sans Serif, and Baseline. As the name of the brand is a play on words, I wanted the tea itself to display this connection as well, so each tea is named after something typographic, and the flavors of that tea reflect what that typographic element means to meFor example, Baseline offers a nice morning mix, while ! offers an exciting citrus-y twist. 

Pink togo copy.jpg
mug w.jpg

A mug and to-go tumbler with Typogratea's branding, both providing examples of the typographic texture present in the Typogratea brand.

A simplified and more eco-friendly packaging option uses paper materials and brand specific colors for a more minimalistic and elegant taste. 

How to Steep-01.jpg

A paper pamphlet that customers can pick up when they purchase their tea. Provides instruction on how to brew tea through simple icons and direction. 

MacBook Air PSD Mockup.jpg

The Typogratea website landing page

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp 2.jpg

A street advertisement for the Typogratea brand

Typogratea Brand Guidelines-01.jpg
Typogratea Brand Guidelines-01.jpg
Typogratea Brand Guidelines-01.jpg

Typogratea Brand Standards: Logo, Color, and Typography

Asset 1.png

The typographic grid used as texture on Typogratea materials

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