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unique polyhedral solid


the idea

I created this form using Bristol and glue.  The idea was to learn how to execute unique designs and to do so with good crafstmanship.  I started out with a weird idea and had to use problem solving to figure out how to make it into something tangible.  


the platonic solids


Before I could start on the Unique Polyhedral Solid, I had to understand the construction of more simple forms.  I created five different Platonic Solids, each with repeating sides of different simple geometric shapes.  

This was done using Bristol, an X-ACTO knife, and glue.



One of the Nets


Some of the Earlier Sketches


1st Draft

1st Draft With the Measurements


2nd Draft in Bristol

I had a few different drafts of the final.  After the first draft was way too complicated to reproduce, I simplified the design and combined components of it.


Net Layouts

the final product


While completing this project, I was able to learn a lot about patience and accuracy in design.  I chose a very complicated idea to roll with, and because there were so many small components, it was crucial that I had exact measurements, and not rush when drafting and attaching them.  Overall, I was happy with the results, because it was unique.  I had an idea that I could have given up on, but I didn't, and I made it happen. 

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